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Sportasy Lite APK:

Sportasy Lite APK is an Android application that allows users to enjoy playing multiple games on a single platform without any hesitation. The user interface of this app is simple it’s easy to play the games you don’t need to learn any special techniques. The app also provides a referral program so, the users of the Sportasy lite app can earn real money by making multiple referrals. You will find a better experience as compared to FantaFeat APK or other fantasy apps. If you have utilized the other fantasy apps then this app will allow you to enjoy a better user interface and experience.

Therefore, this platform is the finest option for all those beginners who want to play soccer, cricket, and other e-sports mega events in a safe environment. In addition to its smooth user interface the Sportasy Lite app is free to use you don’t need to deposit any large amount to start playing the game. You have to deposit a very small amount to start playing the events. This platform is a convenient way to socialize with your friends and close members of your family.

You can make a live chat with your friends and other members and also, can invite them to play. Therefore, by doing that you can make new friends from all around the world through the Sportasy Lite platform. One of the beneficial points of Sportasy is it offers users both cricket and soccer games.


It offers multiple useful features that a user can get benefited from. Therefore, listed below are the features of the Sportasy app.

Fantasy Games:

The app offers you to create a fantasy team by choosing your favorite players. You can make a fantasy Cricket, Kabaddi, Basketball, or Soccer team and compete online with others. Do participate in multiple fantasy mega events and win real prizes.


It offers numerous e-sports tournaments like Fifa, IPL, and COD. Therefore, create your own strong Sportasy app and participate in that tournaments.

Withdrawal Methods:

The deposit and withdrawal method of this platform is too rapid compared to the other fantasy apps. You can withdraw your winning prizes through a bank account or Paytm wallet.

Refer and Earn:

The app has referral program features which means you can invite your friends or any other person to the game and earn a commission from the Sportasy APK. Through referral code, you can earn up to 25% commission from the app.

Live score and chat:

You can get all the latest updates and live scores on your phone screen. Besides that, you can also, make a live chat with your friends and your competitors.

Friendly User-Interface:

You can get all the latest updates and live scores on your phone screen. Besides that, you can also, make a live chat with your friends and your competitors.


The app is compatible with all types of Android smartphones therefore, you can easily download it on your phones. Besides that, you can also, use this app through the web on your desktops.

Safe to use:

The app is safe and secure to utilize you don’t need to any hesitate because it’s totally safe. Sportasy APK has value your personal data no one can steal your personal information.

Customer Support Team:

Multiple beginners encounter multiple issues when they recently start playing the Sportasy events also, they face issues while withdrawing and depositing money. Therefore, in that situation, you can contact the customer support team that is available to help you at any time.

How to use Sportasy Lite APK?

  • Download and install the Sportasy Lite app on your devices.
  • Launch the app on your phone’s screen.
  • Open the app and sign up for the platform.
  • Put all your information email, phone number, etc.
  • If you have any referral code then make sure to sign up through the referral code.
  • Once you sign up then login into the game and start playing your favorite game.

How to withdraw?

First of all, you have to verify the account that you want to utilize for deposition or withdrawing money. After that, you can easily deposit or withdraw your winning prize easily through a bank account or Paytm wallet. Rs 100 is the minimum amount that you can withdraw from the app. The Sportasy app offers you Rs 500 when you recently sign up for the app.

Article Sum Up

Sportasy Lite APK is safe to utilize on any device you don’t need to think about its security clearance. Besides that, if you face any type of issues then you can contact customer support through your email and get help from the team very soon.

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